Margarita Demina is a creative based in London, who has single-handedly founded MAD Magazine in 2019. She decided to explore fashion as a substantial thread to the very fabric of culture. We have always liked fashion for its seductive surface, and she hopes to show the readers far beyond it. MAD Magazine explores the topics of fine art and fashion, of illustration and design, of photography and crafts. It is a personal experimentation enhanced with the help of numerous professionals. The “insider-outsider” experience offered in the first issue: Eye includes – exclusive interviews with German Larkin, EMEA VIC Engagement Manager of Yves Saint Laurent, multiple international emerging designers, and the Senior Visual Merchandiser and Illustration for Chanel.



                              The recollections of words and thoughts of the professionals in the fields are exclusively created for the first issue of MAD Magazine. Peppered throughout the spreads, in between the fashion editorials, are the words and thoughts of individuals with an inspiring story to tell. Passion for collecting – moments, memories, artifacts, emotions, and ultimately, experiences is what lies at the cornerstone of this work. MAD is a conceptual art form based on the fashion of living, the Cahiers d’Art of for a creative mind. MAD Magazine is a compendium of inspiration, which can be currently found in numerous shops throughout Italy and online such as Armani Libri, Corso Como 10, Feltrinelli, Hoepli and other.